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proof that intellectual and ratchet are not dichotomous. one day academia will welcome me. there are unanswered questions and unquestioned answers, I'm searching for both.

Unapologetically lifting as I climb.
ASK, not AX.
Submissions anyone?

The First Hump Wednesday - Basically a celebration that the week is almost over. 

I’ve learned if you “GO HARD” Monday and Tuesday, the rest of the week will be a breeze. 

Photocred: http://talesofthebandit.tumblr.com/

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    oh, how i miss turning up for Hump. Can’t wait for the first one next semester!
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    SO I took all of these pictures but i do not see my name or logo anywhere????
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    my LLC babies! I miss them! whats sad? Im pretttttty sure i went to hump weds. ONCE. #hermitprobs
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    i see lance and bake and charles!!
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    AUC Love
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    For Jamelle
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